INTENSIVE ENGLISH SUMMER COURSE (Vaughan-Orvalle) 2017-04-19T13:41:44+00:00


Organized by Vaughan Systems and Orvalle School

OFFERED TO: Reduced number of students per group -8 students-.

  • Primary 6 and 1st of ESO (2 weeks):
    June 26 – July 7
  • 2nd and 3rd of ESO (2 weeks):
    July 17 – July 28
  • 4th of ESO, 1st and 2nd of BACH (3 weeks):
    June 26 – July 14

In Orvalle School from 9:30h to 14:30h, Monday to Friday.

Prices: 1 week: 320€ / 2 weeks: 460€ / 3 weeks: 640€

Bus Service:

Pre-registration: Up to the 3rd of May.

Level Test: 10th of May in Orvalle School.

Booking reservation: once the admission to the course has been confirmed by mail letter, the complete payment of the course will be made through the June School receipt.

If in the case the student belonged to another school, the complete payment should be made to the following bank account: ES85 2038 2490 0460 0031 7401 of Centros Docentes S.A. (BANKIA), indicating the concept as “English Course for ‘first and last name’” before June 9th.

The programme is divided into three modules, given by three different teachers in order to promote a multicultural learning experience.

  • Verbal Agility: Vaughan method, designed to encourage oral agility in order to reinforce grammar and confidence.
  • Public Speaking: Presentations / Pronunciation. Students develop abilities to give presentations, speak in public, make phonecalls, carry out social gatherings, etc.
  • Vocabulary Enrichment: Compound Verbs. It provides the student with a wide range of vocabulary and it focuses on pronunciation and mental alertness.

Formulario de Inscripción:

Datos alumna

Nombre y apellidos alumna (*)

Curso que finaliza en 2017 (*)

Colegio (*)

Datos de los padres

Nombre y Apellidos de la madre (*)

Teléfono de contacto de la madre(*)

E-mail de la madre (*)

Nombre y Apellidos del padre (*)

Teléfono de contacto del padre (*)

E-mail del padre (*)

Si la alumna es de 6º de Prim o 1º de ESO, elige la(s) semana(s) que va a cursar ()

Si la alumna es de 2º o 3º de ESO, elige la(s) semana(s) que va a cursar ()

Si la alumna es de 4º de ESO a 2º de Bach, elige la(s) semana(s) que va a cursar()

Servicio de ruta (*)

En caso de necesitar ruta, elegir parada

Si ha elegido ruta desde Madrid, especificar dirección:

Si ha elegido ruta desde Pozuelo, especificar dirección:


Para solicitar cambio (altas, bajas, modificaciones), sólo se aceptarán por correo electrónico a y antes de comenzar el curso. En ningún caso se devuelve el importe del curso.

(*) Campos obligatorios