Choose the Dual Diploma, expand your horizons!

Fecha: 05/02/2018

Choose the Dual Diploma, expand your horizons!Why should you join the Dual Diploma? Or I should say what does the Dual Diploma mean to us, the students? Firstly, by joining this program, we have learned how to study in a completely different way. The system used in America has nothing to do with the system we use here. These new ways of learning have opened our minds to new cultures and new ways of studying. To learn to adapt to this program we have learned how to express ourselves in new ways.

We have developed various skills, that maybe, we wouldn’t have developed if we hadn´t join this program, such as, organization and imagination apart from many others. This is due to the necessity of getting organized in order to submit all our assignments on time. Now we are able to do things that before seemed impossible to us. However, the most important thing about Dual Diploma is the English that you learn. This is the main reason why everyone signs up. During this year, we have progressed enormously in our comprehension and expression of the English language. Apart from all of this, one of the things we most enjoy is attending the virtual classes. They are not common classes.  You have to collaborate and express yourself to the other person about the topic which is being discussed. These are usually very interesting and actual topics, such as racism. Here you meet a lot a people from all over the world and is an excellent opportunity to learn about different countries, their traditions and beliefs. These are some of the many aspects from which you would benefit if you join the Dual Diploma.

Cristina Beltrán 4ºA de ESO

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