Clase de Drama: Espiando detrás del telón

Fecha: 06/02/2014

Espiando detrás del telón: Mirror! Mirror!


Mirroring is a way of developing concentration skills. It was used in Drama class to help cast members bond, and develop that instant communication so necessary for really fine theatre.


It teaches careful observation skills, which serve students well not only in the Theatre, where it helps them to develop accurate and believable characterizations, but in all aspects of their increasingly complex life. Plus, it is a lot of fun!

The students chose a partner. Pairs stand facing each other. One was the leader, the other, the "mirror." Moving any part of their body, the leader began to make simple gestures or movements. The "mirror" had to duplicate the leader's movements exactly--just as a mirror would. The goal was to mirror the partner perfectly.

The teacher asked them to use smooth, continuous movements, because abrupt movements almost always catch the "mirror" lagging. The students had to look into each others' eyes, rather than at their hands.


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