“Entrepreneur Challenge” / Desafio Emprende en Orvalle (English)

Fecha: 09/01/2020
At Orvalle we promote excellence in education with innovative and dynamic initiatives that prepare our students for the future.
This year, we have launched an Entrepreneurship Program in 4th of ESO that aims to reinforce values, social commitment and teamwork. The program is Young Entrepreneurs Program elaborated and adapted to English by La Caixa in which our students are able to awaken entrepreneurial vocations while developing their creativity, their managing abilities, team organization, time management and much more.

It is a year-long program in which students will have to work in teams whose first objective is to define a problem and therefore a business opportunity. From there on, groups must organize a process that will led them to elaborate a solution and a viable business model that includes building a prototype that finishes with a marketing campaign that will help them sell their project.

An excellent thing this program offers, and something that really motivates the students, is that not only are they able to prepare innovative projects while learning through the process but that they will participate in “Entrepreneur Challenge” (Desafío emprende) in which students will have the chance to interact and share impressions with other students while competing at the same time. Without a doubt, the price offered to members of the winning project is worth the effort and hard work. Can you imagine going to Silicon Valley to experience a true entrepreneurial adventure? Our students sure do and will try their best to win the challenge!

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