Project-based learning: Fifth Grade Entrepreneurial Fair 2015

Fecha: 16/02/2015

On Friday, the fifth of February 2015, our fifth graders presented their ´Entrepreneurial Group Project Work´ in front of their fourth and fifth grade peers. There were eight teams at the fair. Each team set up a stall in the drama room where they had their inventions on display as well as informative posters about their inventions.

Alba Salgado Arrieta and Ana Arregui Beltran kicked off the fair by giving us a general overview of the Entrepreneurship programme, i.e. its importance, the positive qualities needed to become a successful entrepreneur, and also showed us Power Point images of inventions created in the last thirty years to get our thinking caps on.

Once they had finished giving us a general overview, they took turns in calling teams up to the front to present their work. Whilst all the projects were very different; the common theme that binded them all together was that of bettering society as a whole. Some of the inventions were targeted at people with certain disabilities i.e.the ´Sonitouch´ and ´Lectodos´ apps were specifically designed to make life easier for deaf people; whereas the ´Massage Bag´ invention and the ´Tutti Frutti´ machine and app were geared towards a more general audience i.e. households and school-going children.

As each team presented their project and their findings, the audience was told to give constructive feedback by writing their suggestions down on a sheet of paper. Once all the teams had presented, their audience were invited to visit each stand and learn a bit more about each project before deciding which invention they would ultimately deem as their favourite. Whilst most students were going from stall to stall, others were busy getting their photo taken as they happily put their faces through a hole of a picture of a famous inventor. At the end of the fair, the audience was given a chance to vote for their favourite invention. All of the votes were inputted electronically so as to speed up the process and get everyone to where they had to be next. Regardless of the final tally, we believe that all the projects were extremely well done and, as such, we are very proud of our fifth graders and they should be very proud of themselves too! We will keep you posted on our next fair. It promises to be bigger and better than this one as the students will have taken their peers constructive criticism on board.Watch this space!

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