Grandparents: Models, Mentors and Memory-Makers

Fecha: 03/03/2015

orvalle-diadelosabuelos (32)All the ESO and Bachillerato students were invited to listen to a talk given by a retired Air Force OSI Special Agent, grandfather of three students at Orvalle. The talk was not only about his life and service in the American Air Force but also included interesting historical and up to date details and facts on the USA. The students were also allowed to participate by asking question which were readiliy answered by our guest speaker Mr Russell W. MacDonald. It was a gratifying experience which both students and speaker fully enjoyed.

Furthermore, within the Intergenerational project our school has been working on, the English department as asked our ESO students to participate in different ways. 1ºESO has watched the film "UP!" and completed worksheets refering to the film in English. Our 2ºESO students have interviewed their grandparents and prepared wonderful powerpoint presentations full of interesting facts, memorable moments and incredible anecdotes.

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