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An exchange in Orvalle!

It has been a year since I first walked passed the doors of Colegio Orvalle greeted with hundreds of kisses and the utmost warmth. It takes a lot of guts to decide to uproot yourself and move to another country of a totally different culture and language but I am glad to have taken this adventure with Orvalle.

There are many things about Orvalle that made a strong impression on me but today I will focus on three aspects.

First, the piety of students and staff. Witnessing everyone every morning and afternoon greeting and saying goodbye to Our Lord, overflowing mass attendance, the long lines in the confessional, seeing young children do a quick visit to Jesus before playing and watching the girls of 3rd of primary dedicate precious play time to study the catechism are some of the things that have really suprised and impressed me. These are things you will never see in Canada or in many parts of Europe even! The burning faith in Orvalle can truly move mountains!.

Second, Orvalle has a very strong and well-rounded educational program. Students are encouraged to excel in all, academically, physically, mentally, in character and spiritually. These girls are exposed to many things that allow them to grow as a whole person and they are very lucky to have this oppurtunity. Plus, their use and command of the English language as a foreign language is great!

Third, the unity, diligence and team work among all the staff. Orvalle would not be Orvalle without all the staff who work so hard to make this school a great school. I was blessed to be part of such an amazing and wonderful team. I am going to miss most especially the teachers in Primary I and the English Department who have given me the utmost support and guidance this past year.

Orvalle, keep doing what you are doing and never stop striving for excellence. Thank you for giving me this oppurtunity which has helped me grow and mature in so many ways, for the friendships that will transcend time and space and the memories I will forever cherish.

From Toronto, I wish you all a wonderful year.

I also forgot to mention, the food in Orvalle is AMAZING! Shout out to all the staff in the kitchen!!

Exchange teacher in Colegio Orvalle

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