Kindergarten 2 visited the zoo

Fecha: 07/04/2014


Let's go to the zoo!

In this cloudy day, children in Kidergarten 2, accompained by their teachers went to the zoo on a school trip.

Previoulsy at school, we worked on this Unit to be capable of recognizing the animals, their habitats and skills. We had lunch at the dolphins área while the dolphins showed us their water skills with high jumps and fast swimming. It was great to see them dancing to the rythm of the music!


We also visited the lions, bears, giraffes, zebras, orangutans, elephants from Asia including a baby, chimpanzees, etc. We even have the chance to see an anteater with its baby walking around calmly. After a long walk around the zoo, it was about time to come back to school. A couple of school buses came to pick us up and meanwhile we had the chance to have a short nap in order to get our streght back.


We have learnt a lot about animals also because most of the animals at the zoo belong to endangered species and we have to take care of them. It has been a wonderful day at the zoo!

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