Kindergarten 1 visited "The Acebo" farm

Fecha: 02/02/2012

Kindergarten 1 visited "The Acebo" farm

visitagranja_orvalle (4)Our children in Kindergarten 1 went on their first field trip. They visited “The Acebo” farm. They had worked on the concepts related to this outing previously in class, through stories, posters and worksheets.


This visit has helped them reinforce their knowledge on domestic animals, what they eat and the products they give us, and their differences with the wild animals.

Our children really enjoyed the day, for, in the farm they saw cows, sheep with their lambs, hens, peacocks, they even got to ride on a horse! They also learned how to make bread and they loved it!

It was such an exiting and fun day, that on the bus ride back to school they all fell asleep!


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