Kindergarten 2&3 visit Faunia and Los Molinillos

Fecha: 03/04/2013

Kindergarten 2 & 3 visit "Faunia" and "Los Molinillos" estate

Visita a FauniaOur students had a fantastic day during their field trip to "Faunia" and " Los Molinillos". Kindergarten 3 had an incredible time at "Faunia". Their day started off with an amazing seal show which our students really enjoyed.



They were most impressed when they visited "The Artic" area of the park and got to see all the penguins in their natural habitat, swimming and playing games.

They were also delighted when they discovered "The Tropical" area where they learnt about tropical plants and birds, such as parrots and tucans. They rounded off their visit with the breathtaking site of different animals hatching from their eggs!

This was a wonderful day full of excitement!

At the same time our kindergarten 2 students were visiting "Los Molinillos" estate. Surprisingly the weather was excellent and they were able to enjoy every bit of their day.

As soon as they reached " Los Molinillos" they got to see all the animals that live there. There were new born piglets, which the children were thrilled with.

Then they went on to the bird pen where there were chickens, hens and roosters and they watched them feed peacefully. There were so many of them the children got to see them up close.

Meanwhile the foreman of the estate had prepared them a surprise. Horses! They got to see them train and learnt how they are taken care of and they even got to feed them tasty carrots! There was also a dog kennel, where more than ten dogs were kept, and they got to see them napping. Some of them barked loudly when our students woke them up with all the noise and excitement.

Before heading back to school they still had time to run and play in the meadows, so by the time they arrived back to school, they were totally exhausted.

It was such a memorable experience they hope to visit "Los Molinillos" again soon.

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