Orvalle includes piano lessons in Music classes for its pedagogical benefits

Fecha: 23/11/2015

orvalle-music-excelencia (1)Music processing is one of the most complex cognitive activities that the human brain performs. The detailed mechanism of music processing is not fully understood yet. In a study published by Bever and Chiarello (1974),the results  have shown that the right lateralization in music processing is higher among musicians than non-musicians, but there are still contradicting results among different genders, musicians, and non-musicians (Schuppert et al., 2000; Ono et al., 2011).

In ORVALLE, our aim is to train the pupils brains´ by allowing them to opt in to taking keyboard classes.

orvalle-music-excelencia (21)Our students are taught to play easy and mid-leveled music pieces on an electronic keyboard. Each music lesson ends with a song, representing the learning level of the specific lesson. As such, skills can be consolidated on each level. We not only teach our music students how to play pieces on the electronic keyboard; but we also give them samples on keyboard fingering instruction and chord symbols. This is all done  in a repertoire of 15 titles. At the end of the school year,they should be able to play all necessary full fingered chords in major and in the  dual voice with their right hand, and perhaps take the first steps to being able to  write their own songs, sing and record them. Overall the pupils have fun while they train their brains and learn music.

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