Orvalle Summer Camp 13

Fecha: 30/07/2013

See you next year!

Orvalle Summer Camp

. During the second half of the Summer Camp, the children didn't stop learning English, sports and swimming in a fun and interactive manner. In sports class, the children played games and tournaments without losing sight of their neural development.


In swimming class, the children feel secure and enjoy being in the water. The progress has been spectacular. In English class, the topic for the third week was animals and it ended with "Liong King the Musical" presented by the older girls and a fun and refreshing water battle.

The last week of the Summer Camp was dedicated to summer. On Friday there was a sports relay with different activities to develop the motor skills. There was also a summer mall where the children practiced phrases used with shopping.

During the Summer Camp, we are spending our time having fun, learning and making new friends. From Orvalle Summer Camp we wish you a happy summer!

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