Orvalle Summer Camp 15

Fecha: 15/07/2015

orvalle-summercamp15 (8)This year in the summer camp activities have been divided up into Art and Drama classes, project work, P.E. and swimming.

In the art classes the children have been learning about and trying out various techniques and artist styles such as cubism, pointillism and abstract painting.  We have created pictures inspired by Picasso, Gaudi, Gerhard Richter and Renoir. This week we are going to have a mini-exhibition to share what we have made with everyone.

Drama classes have the children learning about various aspects of theater and performance. We started with an exploration of pan-European theater through the years, with the students making their own Greek masks and then performing improvised sketches in the Italian commedia dell’arte style. In addition, we are doing a broad variety of activities including improv games, silent miming and learning to sing in a round.

In project work the children have been exploring fashion and design. In the first project the students learnt how to weave. The results were quite impressive. The second project the students embarked on was that of tie dye. They learnt the technique and produced some fabulously bright and colourful T-shirts. We’re now going to combine the two projects and show them off in an exciting fashion show this Wednesday to mark the end of the first two weeks.

Campers must partake in at least an hour of physical education a day. The sports that the students get involved in are Netball, Athletics, Badminton, Unihoc, Football, etc so as to ensure that campers learn how to work as a team, build strength and have a good time while doing all of the above. On Fridays, campers partake in various sporting competitions based on which two sports they had practiced during the week.

In this summer camp, we could not forget the swimming classes to help develop our kindergardners swimming independence and motor skills in the pool. Eventually, they learn how to breathe underwater, float and also how to paddle in the water.

The older children i.e. Primary age group, are helped improve their swimming styles such as crawl, backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke etc. We also teach them how to deal with real life scenarios in a playful manner. On Fridays, we have a host of different aquatic sports for Primary students to enjoy such as water polo, aqua fitness and/ or synchronized swimming. Our students really enjoy themselves in the pool!

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