Simulacro de los exámenes de Cambridge en Orvalle

Fecha: 28/03/2014

Orvalle students sit for mock Cambridge exams

Simulacro de los exámenes de Cambridge en Orvalle1, 3, 4 ESO and 1 BACH recently sat for Cambridge PET, FCE and CAE mock exams. The mock exam is a good example of the extra support Orvalle gives to its students to make sure they are fully prepared for these very important exams.



The exam was recreated as closely as possible to the real exam with students completing four out of the five parts. Speaking will also be assessed in due course.

Mocks are a great learning tool for students; they know what to expect from the real exam and this alleviates a lot of anxiety. They also serve as a guideline to their progress and areas to work on in class.

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