Sixth Grade Retreat

Fecha: 04/11/2016

There were  a lot of excited girls that boarded the bus on Wednesday morning,the 19th of October last. Most of them had gone on trips away with their youth clubs before, but this was the first time that they got to experience going on a three day, two night retreat with their entire sixth grade class. 

The first stop on the trip was to El Monasterio de Yuste, where accompanied by their teachers,were able to tour the monastery and in so doing, learn about its cultural importance to Spain. Once the tour ended,the girls got back on the bus and headed to Gaia Camp.Gaia Camp is where the girls had their meals  and shared living quarters  and also engaged in many artistic,sport and spiritually enriching activities. 

It was great to see them come together over the trip. A clear sign that things had gone really well was when as soon as they bus pulled out of the camp grounds, the girls  were chanting,asking the bus driver to turn the bus around. I would sum it up as a trip where the girls laughed a lot and learned a lot too. 

Convivencia Gaia Camp - 6º Prim

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