They have finished their American High School Diploma!

Fecha: 29/04/2019

We are celebrating some good news, for some of our students in Orvalle are about to finish their American High School Diploma. After three years of long hours sending assignments, working hard both at and after school and following closely their virtual platform and the guidelines of their American teachers, Gabriela Lachiondo, Anabel Berrocal, Beatriz Acín and Cristina Beltrán will soon see the results of such a big effort.

They have finished their American High School Diploma!

We want to thank them as well for several reasons: first of all for trusting Orvalle in our ongoing effort to make our students enrich their personal and academic lives, also through this new excellence program, but also for fulfilling their duty in the best way possible, exactly the way we knew they could do. They proved themselves and us that they have an incredible potential and they made us feel proud of them, so again: CONGRATULATIONS!

In a few days we will share more videos and interesting content about Dual Diploma in our social networks. Be aware!

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