Orvalle Debating Tournament!

Fecha: 25/04/2018

Last week on the 17th of April selected girls from year 6 were able to take part in the Orvalle Debating Tournament that took place in the Main Hall.

The girls were absolutely fantastic! Not only was this the first time they did debating but they did it in English.

Debating training began at the start of this term. Through their training they have developed critical thinking, cognition, understanding the value of keeping up with current issues and finding the facts. Furthermore, they have learnt new terminology, vocabulary, pronunciation, structure of arguments, rebuttal, use of palm cards and proper expression and body language.With their dedication and enthusiasm, the girls presented three excellent debates which impressed fellow students and teachers.

The topics for these debates were:

  1. Too much emphasis is placed on winning.
  2. Junk food should only be sold to people over 18.
  3. Sport stars are paid too much.

Orvalle Debating Tournament (Colegio Orvalle)The first and third debate was won by the negative team, while the second was won by the affirmative. The teams consisted of three speakers and each speaker had a maximum time of three minutes to present their arguments and rebuttals.

The students who participated in the tournament were:

  • First debate: Bárbara Mendoza, Isabel Maccio and Patricia Martín against María José Escribá, Sol de Parias and Victoria Rebollo.
  • Second debate: Lucía Antón, Ginevra Gilsanz and Inés de Vargas against Cristina González, Martina García and Gloria Estrán.
  • Third debate: Adriana Sánchez, Teresa Marcos and Covadonga Rodríguez against Belén Llorente, Gabriela Ramírez and Fátima Crúz.

Our ushers in this tournament were Lourdes Villanueva, Amaya Serrano and Fatima Cortina.

Our adjudicators for the debates were Stephanie Waldchen, Natalie Jozwik and Louisa Mortimore.

I would like to thank all those that helped with making these debates a resounding success.

Alexandra Fernandez Norris

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