Exámenes de Cambridge

Fecha: 11/02/2013

Cambridge English extra-curricular exams at Orvalle

Exámenes de CambridgeEvery year our student's at Orvalle from Primary, Secondary and Bachillerato sit for the Cambridge English Exams. Our students take these highly qualified exams which encompass YLE ( Young Learners Examinations) to CPE (Proficiency).

All of the YLE are taken at Orvalle and, even though the rest of the exams are usually taken at Retamar in June, the oral part is examined at Orvalle in April or May. The exams are all marked by the University of Cambridge in England.

The exam dates for this year are:

Oral and Written:

-Starters. 11th June

YLE -Movers. 11th June

-Flyers. 11th June

KET: 26th April / 1st June
PET: 26th April / 1st June
FCE: 26th April / 1st June
CAE: 26th April / 1st June

Preparation for the exams is a part of our students' everyday English class curriculum, although some students may sign up for extra activity lessons if they wish to.

The Cambridge English Exams enable our students to demonstrate their level of English and prove to give a useful insight of their learning.

The YLE are an ideal introduction to these exams and positively motivate our students to push forward and excel in their acquisition of English.

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