II Science Contest 12

Fecha: 18/06/2012

II Science Contest 12

Orvalle: Sciente Contest 12Orvalle students in elementary school, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades, participated in the II Orvalle Science Contest. All grades demonstrated high level of knowledge and proficiency in subjects related to their Science and Social Studies class.


The contest was organized by grade levels, competing section "A" against section "B" of each grade. Each team had five girls in it. The Science teacher made the questions, related to what was taught during the trimester.

The first group to press the switch button had to give their answer, if correct points were earn.

This type of competition, the second one initiated and promoted by Orvalle, between grade sections of the same level, allows our students to strengthen the contents of the Science course in a practical and more splendid manner, promoting at the same time their speaking and comprehension abilities.

The wining grades, in elementary school level, were:

  • 1st "B"
  • 2nd "A"
  • 3rd "B"
  • 4th "B"
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