Into the Woods (Musical)

Fecha: 28/04/2017
Our annual musical  took place on the 21st of April and it was a sheer success from start to finish. As you may or may not know, the play we based our musical production on is the 2014 Walt Disney Pictures movie 'Into The Woods' in which characters from various Disney fairytales come together to face trail upon trail in the woods in the hope of having their wishes granted.
When we started to audition back in October last year,our main priority was to ensure that each of our 155 students got a part.We expected that there would be a lot of students auditioning for lead roles,but what we did not expect was that the vast majority of our students would audition with such enthusiasm and eagerness regardless of whether they were auditioning for main or minor parts.
The eagerness,dedication and commitment that our students displayed in learning their lines on audition day was great to see and although it made our job a little bit more difficult as we had to multiply the number of major and minor roles we had in the play in order to accommodate everyone;it served as great encouragement for the girls who were a little bit shyer and/or more reserved to do their best.
As the original 'Into The Woods' production was a musical,it made sense to include a few singing parts into our version of the play. While we knew that some of the girls could sing, we were pleasantly surprised to hear how well some of the more reserved girls fared when it was their turn to sing onstage. That coupled with the beautiful decorations done by our 2nd of ESO girls really made the musical come to life.
There were a few minor issues that could have gone better on the day,but overall this year's musical surpassed last year's musical by miles. It really was a pleasure working with such a talented group of girls and such a dedicated and supportive staff body.
Until next time,
The Drama Department

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