Summer Camp 13

Fecha: 18/07/2013

Summer Camp 13

Natación y diversión en el Summer CampIn our summer camp we want to spend our free time doing fun, useful and informative activities with other children and enjoying their company. The older children always help and support the younger ones.

We spent the first week focusing on food, the second on transports and the fantasy world and the third one on animals. Each week ended with a fun party where the children put to practice the things they have learned.

The first week ended with a delicious cooking workshop, a parade of homemade aprons and a dance in English. In the second week we had a sensational magic show and each child came dressed as his or her favorite fantasy character.

The children learn different vocabulary related to the themes and practice them in a fun and active manner. The English classes give importance to conversation and at the same time the children have fun using the digital board and the iPad.While at the swimming pool, we have made great strides and improvements in the swimming styles. It is one of the best moments of the day.

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