Summer Camp

Fecha: 12/07/2014

orvalle summercamp

Summer Camp

We end this year of celebrating Orvalle's 35th anniversary with our excellent Summer Camp, the cherry on the cake for this anniversary.

In our Summer Camp different activities such as P.E, swimming and English are combined in a fun and organized way. It's a time to relax and make sure our students learn whilst having fun and making new friends.

Each week we work on a different topic in which the students learn by means of arts and crafts, songs, games and stories?

We're two weeks into the camp and so far we have done the following topics: Food and Animals. Now we're getting ready for an 'Animal Party' where lots of our students will dress up as domestic, wild, and even marine animals.

As always we end our week with a huge party looking forward to learning new things the following week.