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''My exchange experience'' by María Sánchez-Collado

Fecha: 23/03/2023

Firstly, I want to say that this experience wasn’t as I expected it to be. It was incredible! It was an experience in which I made new friends, met new people, got to know about  a different school, new cultures, food, etc.

''My exchange experience'' by María Sánchez-Collado

The day we left Madrid was very weird  because we didn't have the time to assimilate what was happening. Then, when we got there, all the families were very nice and kind welcoming us. Next day, was Sunday and the family and I went to visit the centre of London: The London Eye, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace… It was a wonderful day. 

We started school and the days passed, we made very good friends, even if there were girls that weren’t in your class. Finally, after meeting a lot of people, having got used to the school and to our host family, we had to come back  to Spain and continue with our lives. But even if it seems like nothing happened, it was an experience that not only put our English into practice, it also helped us make very good friends. I know from now on, there is a place in London to which we can always return. 

''My exchange experience'' by María Sánchez-Collado

María Sánchez-Collado, alumna de 3ºB de Secundaria

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