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Cambridge Award ceremony

Fecha: 17/10/2022

Last week we held a Cambridge Award ceremony at Orvalle in which our ESO/Bachillerato students were presented with their diplomas. Candidates from PET to Proficiency received their corresponding diplomas from the hands of their teachers in an intimate ceremony in which they also received a well-earned treat on behalf of the school.

The English department is proud of those students who strive to excel in their knowledge of the English language and sit for these well known exams that allow them to perceive the result of the effort taken whilst preparing for them throughout the school year.
We hope our students will continue to put in the hard work and achieve as many certificates as they can before leaving school.

Congratulations to all of them and thanks to all of the teachers who make this possible: Stephanie Waldchen, Sonia Gonzalez, James Hartley and M MacDonald.

Cambridge Award ceremony 2022

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