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Synthetic Phonics Ambassador and worldwide speaker visits Orvalle

Fecha: 12/12/2022

On Friday last, our Kindergarten and Primary school teachers (that teach through English) attended an all-day Jolly Phonics course. Jolly Phonics is a fun and creative methodology whereby children as young as two learn how to read and write in English using sounds. The course was given by the lively Coral George, Synthetic Phonics Ambassador and worldwide speaker.

Over the eight hour course, we looked at areas in reading and writing where our young students struggle the most, such as segmenting, blending, alternative spelling, tricky words etc and were given suggestions on how best to address those challenges through reading in pairs, Jolly Grammar, challenging sound games and activities etc.

What we liked most about the experience was the energy Coral George brought to what she was teaching us and how comfortable she was responding to questions that were simple or complex.

Article written by the teacher Tina Newsome-McDonnell.

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